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We Hire and Staff IT Professionals with Decades of Experience

Seasoned Professionals Have Huge Impact on Strategic Company Objectives

55 is the new 35 ! Never before have seasoned professionals been so vital to their business communities. Yet, they are often overlooked for job opportunities they would crush in their sleep. Even worse, they are told to not "show too much" experience on their resumes for fear of being passed over. 

At, we strongly believe many professionals in their fifties are just getting started and have decades of hard-earned experience to bring to your organization. 

We actively search and recruit the best Gen Xers in the country to help our clients achieve their technology objectives. 

  • Data Analysts

  • PMP & CSM Certified Project Managers

  • Data Scientists

  • Business Analysts

  • Virtual Assistant (VA)

  • Virtual Project Resource (VPR)

  • Data Visualization Specialists

  • Market Researchers

  • Data Journalists

  • Software Engineers

  • Social Media Analysts

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